Why you don't need to save your sarees for special occasions.

Posted on February 26, 2016 by Gina Brar | 0 comments

Vidya Balan Sari

This week, whilst  unveiling a beautiful new collection of hand loom saris by three Mumbai designers, the ever talented Vidya Balan voiced a sentiment that I've long felt - that "the young modern Indian woman should don the sari beyond special occasions."

Balan has long been a fan of the always elegant garment, often choosing the drape of a sari when dressing for red carpets, award shows and other international events and she is the perfect example of how versatile six yard's of fabric can be. Sometimes traditional and adorned in Sabyasachi and sometimes fun and quirky in Satya Paul and nearly always complete with her signature 3/4 sleeved blouse, Balan has completely perfected how to make the garment work for more than just parties and receptions. 


I've long been a fan of wearing a sari for all occasions, not just the grand ones and whilst I adore a sequinned, richly embroidered piece for grand, lavish parties, mostly I'm a fan of lighter pieces that you can drape effortlessly with a few pins and then largely forget about as you enjoy yourself. The Iris Sari remains one of my favourite pieces in our collection, which despite lacking embellishment always attracts attention due to its striking print. Worn with fresh faced make up and pared back accessories it's perfect for any function yet add a pair of statement earrings and tikka along with a bold lip and you can take it with ease through to evening. 

Gina Brar Iris Sari

It's not the first time the acclaimed actor has spoken out in love of her favourite garment; "I'm so glad people are getting bored of seeing women in bikinis. We've become very parochial about sexiness. I think saree is, by far, the sexiest garment. It covers the right amount, it exposes the right amount. It's such a tease and I like teasing," she's said in a previous interview and who can disagree. From the hint of collarbone and the small of the back to the seductive way a sari hugs your curves, it's definitely one of the most seductive garments us asian women have in our wardrobes so it's definitely high time we embraced it for more than just the odd wedding reception!

Let us know what you think about Balan's comments - Are you a fan of wearing sari's for more than just the most special occasions? Do you favour certain drapes for certain occasions?

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